Resources cuts proposals change

Pressure from BECTU has resulted in changes to Resources proposals covering TUPE and working for the BBC after redundancy.

BECTU has said these changes will be “of immense benefit to members” and are a “major step forward”.

Picture of BBC Television Centre

BBC Television Centre West London (Picture: Tony Scott)

Informal talks, following the meeting at which proposals were made for 210 job cuts in BBC Resources, have led to revised proposals:

  • All staff in Bristol and Birmingham Post Production who want to TUPE transfer into the BBC will be allowed to, while those who do not will be free to volunteer for redundancy as part of a preference exercise.
  • The BBC are still considering their position regarding Current Operations which may also fall under the TUPE regulations, and the union awaits details.
  • BBC Resources, as a commercial subsidiary, has been deemed as exempt from the BBC 12 month moratorium rule, and subject to the usual hiatus that HRMC expects after workers are made redundant, ex-Resources staff will legitimately be able to undertake work at the BBC within the first year after redundancy.

Existing BBC rules means that nobody who is made redundant is allowed to return to the BBC in any capacity for 12 months – BECTU believes this could deter a significant number of volunteers for redundancy.

There are other areas in London where departmental closures mean that compulsory redundancies are threatened, and in some categories the scale of job cuts is so great they may not be achieved entirely by volunteers.

The union will therefore continue to demand that the remaining cuts are fully justified, both economically and strategically, from the BBC’s point of view, and has said it will not give up its demand that the BBC itself should make firmer commitments to Resources to secure its future.

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Posted Wednesday 17 December 2008 at 1350