S&PP consultative ballot

A consultative ballot is to be held opposing S&PP planned changes in new business and entertainment and drama services.

The union has been in consultation with BBC S&PP (Studios and Post Production) regarding restructuring of the new business and entertainment and drama services.

This has led to a significant number of post closures although the majority of these have been achieved through a combination of voluntary redundancies and new posts being created.

However, there is a shortfall with several members remaining at risk.

BECTU is opposed to any compulsory redundancies of union members and believe that there is sufficient operational and business case justification to retain those roles which remain at risk alongside the new structure.

At a meeting on 7 June with management ESPG proposed that individual consultation periods be extended and move towards serving notice being postponed in order to maximize the potential to avoid any compulsory redundancies by reviewing these remaining post closures and consulting on redeployment and other ways of mitigating these potential job losses.

Unfortunately S&PP have rejected the proposals and, whilst they will be honouring their obligation to avoid compulsory redundancies during this period, the consultation period itself will not be extended.

This means that for those with three months contractual notice this could be served as early as 29 June 2010.

The Branch feels these timescales are too short and would inhibit the opportunity to avoid these redundancies and consult further on the restructuring.

As a result the union has registered a failure to agree and will be meeting S&PP next as part of the avoidance of dispute procedure.

The union will also be commencing a consultative ballot for industrial action and will be urging members to vote in favour.

A failure to agree has also been registered on the change of base proposal for those in the drama pillar.

To discuss the issues in more detail members meetings are being arranged, including one at 1300-1430 in Room B050 TC on Tuesday 22 June.

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Posted Monday 21 June 2010 at 1512