PH arrangements revised

Public Holiday arrangements for UPA2 staff in Post Production and Studios have been revised.

This follows problems with staff scheduling during the Christmas and New Year period following the introduction of new procedures in October 2004.

As a result of discussion with Resources management a new agreement [87k pdf] replaces the previous arrangements [51k pdf].

This new arrangements are applicable from the Easter period last week.

The two changes covering Public Holiday periods for UPA2 staff in Post Production and Studios in the revised document are:

  • If the 10% figure is exceeded under the 'allocation outside of this procedure' paragraph "corrections will be made retrospectively with priority to staff in the following order:
    1. Those who were also infringed on the previous Public Holiday period.
    2. Those actually on duty, with the priority given to those working the most days over the Public Holiday period.
    3. Anyone else incorrectly scheduled over the 10% figure.
    This will be achieved by converting RDs to PHLs, available to take at a later date".
  • RDs, Release from Duty days [PHL "in situ" on the Post Production allocation system], will only be scheduled on actual Bank Holidays.
If there are any problems with the implementation of these revised arrangements members should contact the Branch Committee as soon as possible.
31 March 2005