The 2006 ESPG Branch Annual General Meeting takes place on Monday 6 February.

The AGM will be held in B142 Television Centre, 1315-1345, on 6 February 2006 and is open to all ESPG members.

The agenda will be:

  • New ESPG Branch Committee Confirmation of the new Committee resulting from the recent election.
  • Disputes Update on Post Production Archive Project and Resources Conditions disputes.
  • NEC and President elections The Branch Committee is proposing to nominate Tony Lennon and Tony Scott for BECTU's NEC (National Executive Committee) and Tony Lennon for the union's President.
  • BBC Conference 2006 Any propositions members may wish to raise for discussion at the union BBC Annual Conference should be proposed at this meeting.
  • Any other business
If ESPG members cannot attend this meeting they should email any contributions to bectuespg@yahoo.co.uk

Members of the ESPG Branch Committee will be present at the meeting.

Download the 2006 ESPG AGM flyer [67k pdf].

23 January 2006