New 2006-2007 ESPG Committee

The 2006-2007 ESPG Branch Committee has now been formed.

The Committee, resulting from the recent annual election, met for the first time on 4 December 2005, and agreed Branch Officer appointments.

ESPG Branch Committee 2005-2006
Name Area Committee position
Tony Scott Studio Lighting Branch Chair
Nick Carroll Post Production Editing Branch Secretary
Henry Gibson Post Production Editing Deputy Chair (Post Production)
John Howcroft Studio Sound Deputy Chair (Studios)
Phil McCredie Broadcast Engineering (Technology/Siemens) Deputy Chair (Technology)
Nigel Taylor Studio Cameras Learning Co-ordinator
Dave Carter Studio Cameras
Brian Clifford Studio Sound
Denise Foley Vision Mixers
John Greaves Post Production Engineering
Alan Hayter Broadcast Engineering (Technology/Siemens)
Jonathan Jaggard Post Production Editing
Mark Lelliot Post Production Editing
Roger Mullins Post Production Editing
Wendy Miller Broadcast Engineering (Technology/Siemens)
John Tams-Gray Post Production Editing
5 December 2005
Amended 31 December 2006