2005-2006 acting reminder

Members in Resources are reminded of provisions covering short term acting.
  1. Staff can be asked to carry out a maximum of 25 short term acting days running each year from 1 December to 30 November without additional compensation.
  2. Short term acting above 25 days over each 12 month period is voluntary.
  3. If staff wish to carry out short term acting above 25 days they should approach their line manager to discuss long term acting arrangements with relevant payments
  4. Staff should keep their own records of these short term acting days, as there is unlikely to be a robust management system recording such activity.
  5. Short term acting days are outside of any ongoing acting for which additional payments are made.
The above arrangements cover staff in Post Production, Television Studios and OBs.

The current short term acting reference period runs from 1 December 2005 to 30 November 2006, and all staff in Resources start with zero acting days.

The formula was arrived as a result of the ballot held in August 2001 to resolve the London Operations dispute in Resources.

Any problems or question with the above should be directed to the ESPG Branch Committee.

23 January 2006