Post scheduling papers issued

Ballot papers on the core hours dispute in Post Production have been issued to members in the area.

The ballot asks members if they wish to take part in various forms of action to oppose management's unilateral changes in the scheduling of operational staff.

The ballot closes at 1000 on 8 May 2006.

Below is the text of the covering latter issued with ballot papers:

You will be aware that many staff in Post Production are now being scheduled in line with what management have described as core hours.

This has meant that in most cases staff so far affected are being scheduled start times of 0900 hours with 12 hour days.

Post Production management have claimed this new scheduling is essential for the future of the business. However, they have not been able to explain nor justify this claim in answer to union questions.

ESPG has endeavoured to negotiate on this new scheduling regime, arguing in particular that scheduling 0900 hour start times are not necessary for non client critical work and is detrimental to the staff affected.

Further, management have refused to rule out scheduling any UPA staff around core hours including Editors.

Post Production management have refused to negotiate on this matter and has imposed the changes. In fact, the lack of consideration extended to not even informing staff of the changes and it was the Branch which kept staff up to date with the imposition of these changes.

Now that any negotiated settlement has been rejected by management, the Union is formally seeking the views from members on how to proceed and is conducting a consultative ballot.

Please complete the enclosed ballot form to be recieved by ESPG, Room 370, Design Building Television Centre, by 1000 on 8 May 2006 at the latest.

In the ballot paper 'working to rule' means strictly abiding to Resources Conditions - for more details see the news item concerning this ballot on the ESPG website.

You received this communication because our records show that you are an ESPG member in Post Production - if this is not the case please contact us at

The result will be posted on the Branch website.

Tony Scott
Chair ESPG

26 April 2006
Amended 4 May 2006