2007 ESPG AGM meets

Resources sell-off and pensions were amongst topics discussed at the 2007 ESPG Branch Annual General Meeting.

Below is a brief report of the meeting which took place on Monday 8 January 2007:

  • Pay 2007 A broad strategy fore this year's Resources pay claim was discussed - there where no objections to progressing along these lines.
  • Resources sell-off The current situation concerning management plans, which the union is opposing, to privatise Resources was discussed. It was clarified that three main elements were influencing events at this stage: the level of the licence fee increase, the effect of any move of departments to Salford, and the future of Television Centre.
  • General Secretary nomination It was agreed to nominate Assistant General Secretary Gerry Morrisey in the BECTU General Secretary election.
  • 2006-2007 ESPG Branch Committee The new Committee resulting from the recent election
  • was confirmed
  • Annual Conference 2007 It was agreed to submit a proposition on the proposed Resources sell-off and licence fee increase at Annual Conference and BBC Annual Conference.
  • Any other business The main topic discussed was pensions.
12 January 2007