Motions for Conference

ESPG Branch had submitted propositions on Resources sell-off and the BBC licence fee to the union's Annual Conference.

Both were discussed at the Branch AGM and at the ESPG Committee.

The first proposition (motion) concerns the BBC Resources sell-off:

That this annual conference restates its opposition to the proposed BBC Resources sell-off, which is illogical both in public service and business terms, and will implement all appropriate action to oppose such a sell-off.

The second concerns the BBC licence fee:

That this annual conference believes the 2006 BBC licence fee settlement is inadequate and will be damaging not only to the BBC but also to the wider media community. Moreover, the union should oppose any measures the BBC tries to put in place to fund the licence fee deficit from staff remuneration and conditions.

Both have been submitted to the BECTU Annual Conference, with the Resources proposition also tabled to the BBC Annual Conference.

7 February 2007