Post DSE trial

Post Production and ESPG have began a trial of new preparation times for bookings incorporating DSE set up.

The trial will last six months and will include time for DSE (display screen equipment) adjustments at the start of every booking.

How this has worked and any changes that need to be made to prep/DSE time will be discussed with management at the end of this trial.

Feedback from members in Post is therefore essential.

The main changes to the current liner and non-linear prep/DSE documents is the inclusion of 10 minutes DSE set up time into all bookings.

These are detailed in the revised linear [85k pdf] and non-linear [45k pdf] documents (changes for this trial are shown red).

The DSE set up should be the first thing that takes place at the start of each booking.

In the case of all linear bookings no additional time has been allocated for this and it is hoped it can be accommodated inside the 1/2 or 3/4 hours prep time already in place.

For non-linear booking the position is more complicated.

But in summary:

  • Attended on-line bookings of one day or less duration should attract a 1/2 hour Prep/DSE time.
  • Any other attended booking should have 1/4 hour Prep/DSE time.
  • All other bookings should have 10 minutes DSE time 'built in' by the BM (Booking Manager).
  • In it's simplest form this should mean a straight 30 minutes of digitising should have 40 minutes booked to allow for DSE set up.

As stated at the start this is a trial to see how it works so feedback is essential.

Any booking without the appropriate Prep/DSE time should be noted on the job sheet and pointed out to the relevant BM or Post Producer.

Also overruns caused by lack of Prep/DSE time, particularly important where the time is 'built in', should be noted on the job sheet and again pointed out to the BM/Post producer.

Finally could members report any problems, thoughts or comments on how this DSE trial is working to any BECTU rep.

And remember... take the time.

23 January 2007