Ballot on Res Ltd sale

A ballot of BECTU members is to be held on guarantees being offered on the sale of Resources.

Following a meeting last week with BECTU officials and reps on the sell-off, we have decided we can now run a consultative ballot on the guarantees the BBC is offering our members about to be outsourced.

These cover:

  • Compulsory redundancies
  • Redundancy payment formula
  • Pensions
  • Conditions of service

As you know, we had been hoping to consult members a lot earlier in the process, but it was only after our last meeting with BBC management that we felt the package had been tied-down enough to allow us to do so.

Ballot papers and a detailed covering letter should be going out next week and we'll be setting up meetings where members can be fully briefed on what's been thrashed-out between the union and BBC management, plus ask any questions you might have.

The first of these meetings will be on Monday December 3rd, at the ESPG branch Annual General Meeting, in Room B142, from 1230 to around 1430.

We're expecting Tony Lennon and Luke Crawley to join us.

28 November 2007